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General Budget Increases and Dependent Care Request

If your actual school-related expenses are higher than our estimated cost of attendance, you may request a budget increase.  Reasonable budget increases are considered on a case-by-case basis, subject to federal and university policy.  Prior indebtedness will be considered in determining whether your budget appeal will be approved. 

Contact a Financial Aid Counselor at to request an increase in the cost of attendance and to discuss eligibility and the necessary documentation.

Based upon documentation of your special circumstances, your Financial Aid Counselor may use Professional Judgment in order to increase the cost of attendance.

Although your cost of attendance can be increased for these items, it is recommended that you are conservative in increasing your level of debt. Budget increase requests for less than $100 will not be considered.

General Budget Increase Request form


Budget Increase Request - Computer Purchase only

Students are eligible to apply for a budget increase for the purchase of a computer.  The maximum amount that your budget may be increased is the lesser of the purchase price of the computer or $1,800. Students are eligible to receive one budget increase for a computer purchase throughout their enrollment at SGU.

This $1,800 limit was determined by comparing the average price of computers available on the market, to the minimum specifications recommended by SGU.  Computer warranties/service plans and applicable software/peripherals were considered in determining the maximum allowable increase.

To view SGU minimum specifications, please visit:

Please note:

This budget increase is for computers only. Tablets may be considered only if they meet SGU minimum specifications (i.e. Microsoft Surface Pro). Moderately priced computer accessories, that are deemed essential to a student's academic program, may be considered as part of the budget increase. These determinations will be made on a case by case basis and cannot exceed the $1,800 limit. It is strongly recommended that you contact your Financial Aid Counselor prior to purchasing these items to determine if they are eligible for the increase.  iPads, tablets not meeting SGU minimum specifications, printers, cell phones, or unnecessary computer accessories will not be considered.  

Computer purchase receipt date must be within one year of submitting request for budget increase. 

Budget Increase Request form - Computer Only


Information Disclosure Form

If you would like to give permission for anybody else to speak with us regarding your Financial Aid, please complete this consent form and fax or email it to our office.

Information Disclosure Form


Citizenship Documentation Verification Form

Students who complete their FAFSA and are notified that the Social Security Administration (SSA) is not able to verify citizenship status must submit appropriate documentation (copy of U.S. passport, etc.) as well as a signed Citizenship Documentation Verification form. This form verifies that the document(s) submitted are in fact an exact copy, belonging to the student.  For those with this outstanding requirement, financial aid cannot be processed until both required documentation as well as the verification form is submitted. 

Citizenship Documentation Verification Form