School of Medicine

Financial Aid Quicksheets

Below is a "Quicksheet" outlining your financial aid requirements for the upcoming academic year.

You may use this as a quick point of reference when completing your financial aid requirements.

For additional, more detailed information, please visit the Federal Loan Application Instructions page.

August 2020 MD - Financial Aid Information

Requirements to Complete: U.S. Federal Loan Borrowers

1. 2020-2021 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at
 SGU SOM Code - G22333

2. Visit and confirm that all of the following are completed:
 Complete Entrance Counseling
 Sign Master Promissory Notes for the Direct Unsubsidized loan and the Grad PLUS Loan
 Click "Apply for a Direct PLUS Loan" link to fill out an application for the Grad PLUS Loan

3. Once accepted & deposited, you will be notified via email of your loan offer:
 Log into SGU "Student Self Service" at and follow this path to accept your loan offers:

a) Financial Aid
b) Award
c) Award for Aid Year
d) Enter Award Year: 2020-2021
e) Choose "Accept Award Offer" tab

*Students can accept a partial amount to avoid borrowing unnecessary funds. If you accept a loan amount greater than the balance owed to SGU, you will be issued a loan refund to be used for your education-related living expenses.

4. To receive your loan refund via fastest method available: enroll in Direct Deposit (Optional) for any loan refund directly deposited in your U.S. bank account instead of via paper check to your U.S. Permanent Mailing Address

Estimated Cost of Attendance - Student Budget


















Rates updated as of May 2020; subject to change.


Financial Aid Eligibility


*If the student meets all statutory eligibility criteria then this is a sample of the maximum eligibility

Additional Information
  • Once you accept your loan offers, we then transmit your loan data to the US Department of Education to receive confirmation of your completed Entrance Counseling, Master Promissory Notes, and Grad Plus credit approval.  The information will download into our system within 2-3 business days
  • By completing the "Title IV Authorization Form" on SGU Student Self Service you are allowing the University to apply your federal funds to billed expenses other than tuition, fees and on campus housing


Current Interest Rate*

Current Loan Fee*:

Deducted prior to disbursement

Unsubsidized Loan4.30%


Grad PLUS Loan5.30%4.236%

*Interest rates as of July 1, 2020 & Origination fees as of October 1, 2019. Subject to change