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Cost of Attendance Information


The University understands that the Doctor of Medicine program requires substantial resources.  We offer this worksheet as a personal budgeting resource to international applicants who do not have access to US Department of Education Title IV funding or funding from an agency or government outside the US.  Please note that students should not expect to support themselves through employment while attending the University.

In the best interest of the student, a comprehensive financial plan is necessary in order to determine whether you have the resources necessary to complete your intended program of study. Please consider the costs associated with your intended program of study by reviewing the estimated Cost of Attendance (COA) sections below.  We recognize that all sources of funding may not yet be secured at the time of application.



Tuition and Fees*

The figures listed below outline the billed expenses that all students are expected to incur throughout their Program of study.  Students should review these figures carefully when determining their financial plan.

*Figures based on 2019-20 rates and are subject to change. Historically, rates have increased 4% per year and students are expected to plan accordingly.

Additional Estimated Annual Living Expenses**

It is suggested that students review the remaining items in the cost of attendance below in order to assess their ability to fund their entire education. Living and travel expenses will vary amongst each individual's country of origin and lifestyle choices, however it is important to understand additional costs that may be incurred and plan for these expenses if needed.

**Figures based on 2019-20 estimated living expense. The cost of living may increase every year and students are expected to plan accordingly.

All figures in US dollars.

Incoming students should contact their Admissions Officer to discuss their financial plan prior to enrolling in the University.

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Updated as of May 2019; subject to change