Clinical School of Veterinary Medicine

Need to Know Information

Important Information Regarding Financial Aid During Your Clinical Terms


Beginning 1st Clinical Term

  • Log into your SGU Student Self Service account to determine what financial requirements are needed to process your federal loans during your clinical term(s) for the upcoming aid year
  • Once your FAFSA is received by SGU and processed completely, you will receive a financial aid award notice via email
    • Log into SGU Student Self Service under the upcoming aid year to view and accept/decline award offers
  • Once your start date is confirmed and your loan award offers have been accepted online, your Financial Aid Counselor will certify your loans, and the information is transmitted to the Department of Education
    • This loan certification will then "link" your loans to your completed Master Promissory Notes (MPN's) for the current aid year, which will allow the loan to be scheduled for disbursement
    • Confirmation of your Direct Loan MPN's will be updated in our system, satisfying your outstanding requirements approximately 24 - 48 business hours after your loan is certified by the Financial Aid Office
  • The NAVLE exam fee is included in your Term 6 budget
    • Budget accordingly if you plan to take your exam during a later term


Subsequent Clinical Terms

  • Students will complete three (3) clinical terms
    • Each term is sixteen (16) weeks of rotations (not 16 calendar weeks)
    • Total of forty-eight (48) weeks of clinical rotations
  • The start of a new rotation does not necessarily mean the start of a new clinical term
    • This will affect your financial aid disbursement schedule
    • In order for you to proceed to the next term and be eligible for financial aid you must have completed 16 weeks of rotations – NOT CALENDAR weeks
    • Any time that you take off will not count towards the 16 weeks you need to complete the term
    • Time off will extend the length of your term – this will affect when you are eligible to receive your disbursement
      • Budget your funds appropriately
    • Access the link below for more information and an example of your loan disbursement schedule
      • Loan Application and Disbursement Timeline


General Information to remember regarding Financial Aid during your Clinical rotations

  • Clinical rotations must be completed in the United States in order to be eligible for US federal loans
    • Clinical rotations completed in the UK, Ireland and Canada do not qualify for federal funding
  • Financial Aid requirements may need to be completed up to three (3) times during the clinical curriculum
  • New Master Promissory Notes (MPN's) are required for every NEW loan period, and should be completed online at
  • Each clinical term your student account will be billed for Tuition, Administrative fees, and Malpractice Insurance. If you elect to enroll in the SGU sponsored health insurance policy, this will be billed to your student account in July of each year
  • For information regarding requesting a Professional Judgment for Budget Increase for qualifying expenses, access the Professional Judgment for Budget Increase - Request Form


After Clinical Rotations

Once you successfully complete the required 48 weeks of rotations, our Registrar's Office will update the National Student Loan Data Service (NSLDS) to indicate that you are no longer enrolled. You will be contacted by your loan servicer regarding your loan repayment options and timetable.