Cal Macpherson

Director of Research


The Office of Research was created in 1992 and appointed its first Director in 1993.  As Research has grown in scope and importance to all Schools at SGU so the Office of Research (OR) has grown commensurately.  The Director of the Office of Research leads the functions of the office and reports to the Panel on Research and Scholarly Activity (PRSA) on all policies and other matters related to Research at the University.  The PRSA was set up in 1992, is chaired by the Provost and the membership includes all Deans, faculty and student members, and the IRB and IACUC chairs.  Policies approved by the panel are forwarded to the Administration of the University for ratification.


Mission and Vision of the Office of Research



Promote knowledge creation and dissemination through research and scholarship.


The Office of Research (OR) at St George's University aims to achieve and sustain excellence in every area of its research and scholarly activities, evolving the scholarly reputation of the University as an ethical, research rich environment, and providing applied research outcomes for the benefit of   national and regional and international communities through the outcomes of its research and scholarly activities.

The objectives of the OR are to:

  • provide support for faculty, students and collaborators to pursue innovative research, develop a research record, and forge close links with the wider research community, international and non governmental organizations, industry, and commerce,  
  • to administer the Small Research Grant Initiative (SRGI) and funding for faculty and students to present the outcomes of their scholarly activities at international conferences,
  • oversea the functioning of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) and maintain their records,  
  • maintain a record of all publications and other scholarly activities produced at the university,         
  • promote challenging and rigorous ethical research opportunities which benefit from local regional and international collaborative research links,
  • facilitate exchange of ideas through seminars, small-group learning, and collaborative research to enable faculty, students and collaborators to contribute to national and international developments relevant to one health, the environment and other scholarly areas of research,
  • protect  intellectual property rights and nurture personal development within a stimulating, multidisciplinary research environment,
  • attract faculty, students and international collaborators of the highest caliber to its research programs, and actively seek applications from students from diverse backgrounds to extend further the many and varied opportunities for life-long research.


Membership and Administrative Structure of the Office of Research:


Director of Research: Calum N.L. Macpherson, PhD, FRSPH, FRSTMH, FSB

Associate Director for Research, SOM: Satesh Bidiasee, MSPH, Ed.D, CEPH, FRSPH

Associate Director of Research, SVM: Ravindra Sharma, BVSc, PhD

Associate Director of Research, SAS: Antonia MacDonald, PhD

Associate Director of Research, KBT/GSP: James Coey, MBBS, FRCS

Grants Coordinator: Randal Waechter, PhD

Biostatistician: Paul Fields, PhD

Director, Field Studies: Trevor Noel, MPH, FRSPH

IRB Administrator: Kareem Coomansingh, MPH

IACUC Chair: Karin Guerrero, DVM, PhD

For further information regarding the Office of Research, please contact Mr. Kareem Coomansingh (kcoomans@sgu.edu)