Community Projects (2004 - Present)

PSC employees collaborate within the island community in the form of various programs and projects, many of which have been ongoing for years. Please see below for a partial listing of these activities organized according to start date.

We welcome invitations to participate in further ways to benefit the local community. Please note that all of these services are provided free of charge. Contact the PSC for more information.


  • Coalition for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (May, 2004 to April, 2005) – Participated in advocacy group addressing needs of disabled in Grenada.
  • Individual Counseling (September, 2004 to present) – Providing counseling to hundreds of persons referred from the community for higher-level mental health care. (Many in earlier years were for Hurricane Ivan-related issues).
  • Return to Happiness Steering Committee (October, 2004 to September, 2005) – Under the auspices of the SGU Psychology Relief Team, provided administrative assistance for island-wide, UNICEF-funded (240,000 USD grant) program that was designed to foster the return to normal functioning of thousands of children and adolescents post-Hurricane Ivan.
  • Grenada Wellness Program (October, 2004 to October, 2005) – Trained 18 community professionals in counseling and provided follow-up supervision and consultation in regular clinical meetings.
  • Grenada Red Cross (October, 2004) – Debriefed 32 volunteers after Hurricane Ivan disaster relief work.
  • Wellness Facilitators Program (November, 2004) – Trained 24 Red Cross Volunteers in paraprofessional counseling as part of health enhancement project.
  • Bel Air Home for Children and Adolescents (November, 2004 to April, 2005) – Provided individualized counseling for residents experiencing a variety of problems.


  • National Counseling Service Design Team (February, 2005) – Attended workshop to plan national counseling service.
  • Legal Aid and Counseling Clinic (March, 2005 to March, 2007) – Provided clinical consultation and supervision to clinicians as needed. Accepted referrals for clients needing higher-level of care.
  • Peace Corps of the United States (August, 2005 to December, 2010) – Supported Volunteers via individual counseling, collaboration with community projects and stress management training.


  • International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (August, 2006 to November, 2007) – Translated disaster response manual from Spanish to English. Assisted with making cross-culturally appropriate for use in Grenada.
  • Queen Elizabeth's Children's Home (October, 2006 to present) – Consultation, training and other support regarding various improvements to program that benefits 20 children in residency.
  • March Against Gender-Based Violence (November, 2006) – Walked in St. George's with approximately 100 local persons representing governmental agencies, NGOs and other associations to draw attention to the plight of the many Grenadian women who are victimized by violence.


  • Vagina Monologues (February, 2007; March, 2008; February, 2009; February, 2010; April, 2011; February, 2013) – Assisted with a play that, as part of an international anti-violence campaign, celebrates women and gives voice to the hardships that they face. Over the years, local performances have been attended by hundreds of persons. Ticket sales have also generated thousands of dollars for various agencies including the Cedars Home for Abused Women and Their Children, Grenada National Organization of Women and others addressing the needs of women both locally and regionally.
  • Community/University Workshop on Gender-Based Violence (April, 2007) – Hosted workshop for 65 persons from governmental agencies and NGOs that addressed parameters of gender-based violence in Grenada, treatment and legal services on the island and the neuroscience of violence.
  • Ocean Conservancy International Coastal Cleanup (September, 2007) – Participated in and helped organize cleaning of several beaches in Grenada by dozens of SGU students and employees and community members.
  • Consultation on a Policy Framework for Legislation Against Sexual Harassment in Grenada (October, 2007) – Hosted approximately 50 stakeholders from governmental agencies and NGOs in discussion to develop framework that will be used to inform the drafting of a Sexual Harassment Act for Grenada.
  • Grenada National Organization of Women (November, 2007; January, 2008; September, 2008; March, 2009; May, 2009) – Provided training for approximately 130 community persons as para-professional counselors to support women who are violence victims.


  • Conflict Resolution Workshops (March, 2008; January and March, 2009; January, 2010; January, 2011; January and February, 2012; January and February, 2013; February, 2015) – Hosted annual workshop series for hundreds and hundreds of SGU stakeholders and community members from various walks of life in Grenada. Please see the conflict resolution page of this website for further information.
  • Alzheimer's Support Group (June, 2008) – Informational training for 15 community members.
  • National Children's Home (August, 2008) – Life skills training for 20 adolescent Grenadians.
  • Gender-based Violence Roundtable (December, 2008) – Planning meeting with 20 members of the Royal Grenadian Police Force, Grenada National Organization of Women, governmental ministries and others.


  • Market Hill Women's Group (March, 2009; August, 2010)Workshops on grief, loss and paraprofessional counseling.
  • Parenting Seminar (April, 2009) Contributed to local television program on parenting skills.
  • Multi-Sectoral Consultation (July, 2009) – Development of National Protocol on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.
  • Program for Adolescent Mothers (July, 2009; July, 2010)Various trainings relevant to needs of young women.
  • Ministry of Youth (August, 2009) – Youth workers para-professional counseling training.
  • Autism Grenada (November, 2009) – Organizational meeting.


  • Rotary Club Women's Health Fair (March, 2010) Presentation.
  • Grenadian Psychological Association (March, 2010 to 2014) Assisted with founding, organizing and running of association.
  • Belmont/Springs Community Group (April, 2010) Youth and sexuality presentation.
  • Alzheimer's Association (October, 2010) – Training presentation on Alzheimer's Disease and other dementias.
  • Local Radio Shows (October and November, 2010; October, 2011) Guest appearances and interviews regarding various mental health topics.


  • Conscious Discipline Training ( January, 2011 to May, 2012) Parenting skills training provided to various university and community members.
  • Child Welfare Authority (April, 2011) Presentation on stress management at staff retreat.
  • Women's League (June, 2011) Psychosexual development seminar.
  • Mt. Gay Psychiatric Hospital (August, 2011)Group psychotherapy consultation.


  • Fambul Tok Screening (February, 2012 to present) – Repeated showings of movie which tells the story of healing in post-conflict Sierra Leone through the intimate stories of perpetrators and victims.
  • Continuing Medical Education Conference (February, 2012) – Presentation on post- trauma counseling.
  • Methodist Church, Grenada Circuit (March, 2012) – Healthy relationships seminar.
  • Ministry of Social Development (October and November, 2012) – Workshop to prepare health-care providers to better respond to sexual violence and abuse via new laws and protocols.
  • Grenada National Organization of Women Victims Speak Out Project (November and December, 2012) – Campaign to stop gender-based violence.
  • Grenada Drug Information Network and National Observatory on Drugs (December, 2012) – Participant at the ninth annual meeting.
  • National Observatory on Drugs Training of Trainers (December, 2012) – Team member.


  • The World Needs Fathers (April, 2013) – Co-facilitated parenting workshop for fathers sponsored by local churches at the National Stadium.
  • Youth-in-Transition Workshops (April and May, 2013) – Psychoeducational workshops on communication skills and substance abuse prevention for at-risk young men.
  • Father Mallaghan's Home for Boys (May, 2013) – Provided consultation on staffing and clinical issues to group home for approximately 10 residents.
  • PROCCER Substance Abuse Treatment Manual (April, 2013) – PSC team participated in an intensive series of meetings to revise substance abuse trainer manual for local use.
  • St. Joseph's Convent Parent Teachers Association Workshop (May, 2013) – Presentation on parenting adolescents and psychosocial development of teenagers.


  • Mt. Gay Psych Hospital (May, 2014) – Visit and overview of services.
  • Stakeholders Consultation Meeting (August, 2014) – Participated in development of a mental health policy and plan for Grenada.


  • Radio Interview (January, 2015) – Is flirting cheating?
  • Queen Elizabeth's Home for Children (January to March, 2015) – Provided psychotherapy and assessment to six residents.
  • St. Joseph's Convent School (June, 2015) – Talk titled Impact of the Past on the Future to audience of 300.
  • Mental Illness in Grenada (October, 2015) – Panel discussion attended by 55 persons from the Grenadian professional community.
  • Training and Certification Program for Drug and Violence Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation (PROCCER) (October, 2015) – Full-day substance abuse prevention training for 38 community professionals.


  • Community Assessment Program (March, 2016) – Planning meetings to develop program to provide learning problem assessments for Grenadian youth struggling academically.
  • Parenting Workshop (May, 2016) – Five-hour community workshop covering disciplining, the impact of technology on children and other relevant topics.
  • Grief and Loss Debriefing (June, 2016) – Processing session for Department of Public Administration.
  • Grand Anse Social Development Center (June, 2016) – Psychoeducational seminar series attended by 25 young Grenadian women.
  • More activities from 2016 will be posted soon.