Corie Christopher-Richard, BS, Administrative Assistant

I have been working with St. George's University since January, 2002. I am happy to be working in this lovely warm environment with dedicated and caring professionals. Between taking care of my family, work and school, I read, watch a little TV and hang out on the beach. My favorite place is the beach...Oh how I love to just relax listening to the waves coming ashore and feeling the gentle sea breeze cooling the heat of the day.

Apart from those, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, keeping the "Love" alive – it is very important because we all need each other. I also love my "alone time" listening to the Spirit of God and nature. Overall, I am pleasant, warm and friendly. I believe that if people are compassionate, merciful and loving to each other, that our community and, by extension, the world will be a better place. My favorite quote is by Albert Einstein, "Only a life lived for others is worth living."


Donnalin Constantin, PhD, Licensed Psychologist

Doing therapy is more of a vocation than a job!

I am a licensed psychologist in the state of Texas (U.S.). I graduated from the University of Memphis and completed my pre-doctoral internship and post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Texas at Dallas. My area of specialty is Counseling. Prior to studying in the U.S., I worked for 12 years in a rehabilitation program for adolescents girls in St. Lucia. 

My specialty areas include anxiety, depression, existential concerns, grief and loss, issues related to diversity and multiculturalism, spirituality and trauma. I believe that healing and growth take place within the context of a safe relationship therefore I value the authenticity, connection, transparency and safety of the therapeutic relationship. These values are consistent in my personal life. I also believe that deep enduring change does not always require long-term therapy but safety and curiosity to explore and motivation for change.

I was born and raised in St. Lucia and my studies in Jamaica and the U. S. reflect only a few of my cross-cultural experiences. Having lived in these countries and now, in Grenada, I can appreciate the salience of diversity and my own stimulus value embedded in every social exchange.



Curllin Alexis, PsyD, Clinical Psychologist

I obtained a doctorate in clinical psychology from the School of Professional Psychology in Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio and I completed my doctoral internship in the Department of Psychiatry at the School of Medicine and Dentistry in the University of Rochester Medical Center, Upper state New York.

As a native Grenadian, born on the island of Carriacou, I bring diverse cultural and clinical experiences gained from living, working and studying in Uganda, Belgium, United States of America and Cuba. I am committed to providing culturally sensitive services to students, staff and faculty as I support their intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual and relational transformations within the contexts of their livelihoods at St. George's University, Grenada and elsewhere. I am a generalist in my clinical practice so, my theoretical approach to therapy is integrative; drawing on principles from cognitive behavioral therapy and then taking theoretical premises from family systems, feminist and psychodynamic theories and mindfulness-based stress reduction therapy, with the goals of enacting change and reducing distress.  I have a special interest in trauma recovery of adult survivors of childhood abuse. I enjoy facilitating workshops and outreach activities on diversity related issues such as: Cross culturalism, sexism, ableism, heterosexism, classism and racism.

I love learning foreign languages. I have experience providing psychotherapeutic services in both Spanish and English.

When away from the office, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, exercising and snorkeling.


Marva Gilkes, AS, Secretary

I have been working at St. George's University since February 2008, and was promoted to the position of Secretary at the Psychological Services Center in November, 2011. I am a very caring and loving person, who is always willing to spare a minute to lend a listening ear. I have an eleven year old daughter and mothering her brings the greatest joy to my life. In my spare time, I enjoy nature, going to the beach, reading and baking. It is my heart's desire to see people comfortable and happy and I will do whatever I can to assist in that manner.


Barbara Landon, PsyD, Director/Licensed Psychologist/Neuropsychologist

I've lived in Grenada and worked at SGU since 2008. My doctoral and postdoctoral training were in clinical psychology and neuropsychology; I also hold a master's degree in community psychology, about which I am keenly interested because the focus is on liberation, prevention, and health promotion. I have worked in a number of settings: hospitals, university health centers, outpatient clinics, and private practice. In addition to working at the PSC, I serve as a member of SGU's IRB, and as a WINDREF scholar. I am a founding faculty member of the School of Graduate Studies' Community-Clinical Psychology program, and faculty advisor for the Integrative Medicine Club, a student organization at SGU. My clinical interests and work are informed by biological bases of behavior, trauma, stress, and neurodevelopment. My research and community work are largely based on neurodevelopmental issues, stress, parent/teacher education, and child maltreatment in Grenada and the Caribbean region. I am a licensed psychologist in Maine and Massachusetts in the U.S., a certified Conscious Discipline Instructor, certified hypnotherapist, and long-time mindfulness practitioner.


Denise Lewis, MA, Psychotherapist

I am Vincentian born, married with a young adult son and a teenage daughter. I have had the unique privilege of a cross-cultural educational experience that has enriched my life and prepared me well for environment of St. George's University. I received my Master of Arts degree from Columbia International University in Columbia, South Carolina.

As a professional, I am interested in the support and development of lives and dreams. As a therapist, I am passionate about my work and see my therapeutic involvement with students as a precious investment in the lives of others, as well as my own.


Isabel Lewis, PhD, Licensed Psychologist

I gained my Clinical Psychology doctorate at the University of Southampton (UK), and have been fortunate in obtaining a wealth of experience, working in the British National Health Service.

I have supported people suffering from a variety of mental health problems, with specialized interest in eating disorders/body dissatisfaction, adjustment to chronic health conditions as well as social anxiety, OCD and PTSD. I strongly believe that therapy should be implemented in a flexible and cooperative manner, based on the client's needs and preferences. I therefore aim to integrate a range of clinical approaches; particularly Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Narrative Therapy. I am passionate about helping clients to make sense of their difficulties in line with a framework that is supported by the evidence base.

Coming from a small island (on the other side of the globe!), I appreciate the challenges of uprooting to a new and unfamiliar cultural, social and learning environment. I am therefore committed to supporting and empowering students to adapt to new ways of living; to add ease to their academic journey and improve their quality of life.


Cecilia Rougier, PhD, Licensed Psychologist

I am a graduate of Columbia University in New York where I earned the doctorate in Counseling Psychology. I completed my pre-doctoral internship at Counseling and Psychological Services at the University of California, Davis, post-doctoral fellowship at St. George's University in Grenada, and worked with students at Fordham University in New York for many years. I am very passionate about my work as a psychologist and use an integrative model to help students and adults cope with trauma and the stresses of life as they journey towards healing and wholeness. My clinical experience includes group work, couples, family and individual therapy, as well as assessment. I have a range of interests, including but not limited to multicultural counseling, sexual trauma, spirituality and mental health, depression, anxiety, career development, gender/identity and other developmental issues.

I had dreamt of working as a psychologist in Grenada so it is a privilege to have the opportunity to continue to do so at St. George's University. I am enjoying the reconnection with the SGU community, and my homeland amidst the mountains, valleys and the vast expanse of the incredible blue Caribbean Sea.


Lorraine Steele, MA, Psychotherapist

Having lived in Canada, the United States and the Caribbean for years, I decided that it was time to return to my homeland, Grenada. St. George's University offered me the opportunity to work with a population that I thoroughly enjoy while once again living in a tropical paradise – sun, sand and sea! Since the beach is my favorite place to be with the gym a close second, this works very well for me!

I am a master's-level psychotherapist, graduated from George Washington University in 1991. My education and work experience have allowed me the opportunity of working with a wide variety of populations and issues.



John Pettus, PhD, Licensed Psychologist