Is Psychotropic Medication for you?

Our Philosophy

Depression, anxiety and other psychological problems can be quite painful. Symptoms frequently have a very lengthy onset and oftentimes take a similar period of time, and much effort, before resolved. If you are struggling psychologically, it is important that you consider your options carefully and choose a healing process that is most beneficial to you as an individual.

For some diagnoses, medication is helpful. For others, establishing a therapuetic relationship with a therapist is what works best. We are happy to discuss your treatment options with you, and to make appropriate referrals to our psychiatrists as needed.

Please note that psychiatric services are  available at the University Health Services Clinic.  For those prescribed medication, participation in concurrent psychotherapy at the PSC is most efficacious.

Incoming Students and Employees

Many psychotropic medications, especially those that are newer, are not available in Grenada. If coming to the island for an extended period, you should plan ahead to ensure that you have sufficient medicine for your stay.

Many persons have found it useful to arrive with a two-month supply and then have additional refills shipped to them in a manner sufficiently timely to prevent running out.