What is a Peer Mentor?

A PSC Peer Mentor is an SGU student who

  • Is willing to use his or her strong interpersonal and communication skills to help others;
  • Has demonstrated leadership in a personal or professional capacity;
  • Has attended our Peer Mentor training and demonstrates proficiency in the arts of listening and offering support.


SGU PSC Peer Mentors may be medical, veterinary, graduate, or undergraduate students. By volunteering their time, energy, and knowledge about healthy university life, they contribute to the success and wellbeing of the entire university community. Peer Mentors may serve as a resource, a helping hand, a sounding board, and a referral service. Their role is to provide support and mentoring for their fellow students, and, when needed, to direct them to university personnel who can address their concerns.

Peer Mentor responsibilities* include:

  • Supporting peers who are in crisis or who need a listening ear;
  • Being a liason between the PSC and the student body, and advising the PSC on the needs of the SGU community;
  • Acting as a referral source to students who need professional assistance;
  • Participating in mental health screenings and other outreach activities conducted by the PSC;
  • Attending two Peer Mentor meetings with PSC clinicians per term.
  • Developing and implementing wellness activities.


Why talk to a Peer Mentor?

Reaching out to a fellow student can provide emotional support for managing the stresses that are part of university life. Peer Mentors are specially trained to help their fellow students navigate the challenges of school, work, family, and home. They have been selected for their strong relational skills, their compassion, their creativity, and their willingness to be of service to others.


Interested in becoming a Peer Mentor?

Interested persons are invited to apply by emailing Lorraine Steele (lsteele@sgu.edu) before October 15, 2018, sharing reasons for your interest in being a Peer Mentor, and any relevant experience you have.

Peer Mentor Interviews will be conducted between October 15-November 30th.

Peer Mentor Training is mandatory. The training will be held late in the Fall Term, on a Saturday, 9 am to 3 pm. (Lunch provided)

*Duties are not so demanding as to interfere with your academics! However, Peer Mentors are required to give at least 3 hours of their time to wellness/outreach activities per term.

Photos of Current Peer Mentors.