The PSC operates in a manner that allows for the provision of quality mental health services, protection of client rights and strict adherence to the current Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct of the American Psychological Association and requirements of the International Association of Counseling Services and other relevant regulating bodies (e.g., individual clinician licensing boards).

In summary, clients should know:

  • Those eligible for PSC services include:
    • Students of SGU, their relational partners and children aged 17 and under.
    • Regular, full-time employees of SGU, their relational partners and children aged 17 and under.
  • While all of our clients are entitled to privacy and confidentiality, there are some limits to these standards. Behaviors deemed to be a clear and imminent danger to the safety of a client or someone else (e.g., threats or actions aimed at harming self or other) will be reported to appropriate authorities and a plan implemented to prevent harm. Such behaviors include abuse or neglect of children, elders and other vulnerable persons.
  • Electronic or hardcopy records are maintained by PSC clinicians for each of our clients according to the legal and ethical standards identified above. Of course, clinical files are kept in a manner that ensures privacy and confidentiality. Although a record is the property of the PSC, the release of information from it can be authorized by direct, written permission to do so.
  • Data from client records is sometimes used for research purposes. However, such data is completely anonymous and never includes identifying information.
  • The risks, benefits and reasonable alternatives to psycotherapy will be explained to and specific procedures and interventions will be clarified for any client who requests
  • Clients participating in services at the PSC must be voluntary. The one exception is when a student or employee has been mandated for emergency evaluation due to fear of the aforementioned dangerousness to self or other.

If you have questions or concerns regarding treatment you are receiving at the PSC, please talk with your psychotherapist. You are also welcome to contact the PSC Director, Barbara Landon, Psy.D.