The PSC is increasingly involved in research, as we strive to better serve clients, improve programs and make services more empirically-based. Also, PSC clinicians have a wide range of research interests and expertise that have been shown to benefit SGU students and others, who are very welcome to consult with us regarding their project ideas. Just get in touch.

All PSC research activities are governed by the SGU Institutional Review Board and various ethical standards regarding treatment of human subjects, anonymity, confidentiality, etc. (Please review our ethics statement on the Policies page of this website.)

Past and present research projects are as follows.

Psychological Well-being Study 2016

636 veterinary and human medicine students completed a 38-item survey on their psychological well-being during May to August, 2016. The data is currenty being analyzed.

Depression Among SGU Medical Students

PSC clinicians assisted a student/faculty research group with a study of depression symptomatology among Basic Sciences medical students enrolled in 2015. The data collection is complete. The results will be publicized soon.

University Counseling Center Studies

The PSC participates in two lengthy annual studies of university counseling centers, the Association of University and College Counseling Center Directors Survey and the National Survey of College Counseling Centers.

Client Satisfaction Survey

About once a year, PSC clients are asked to complete an anonymous questionnaire regarding their level of satisfaction with our clinicians and services. For highlights from the most recent survey, please click here.

Substance Use Survey

During 2009, all SGU students were offered the opportunity to complete an anonymous survey regarding their patterns of drug and alcohol use. This data is essential to us as we develop programs that more effectively address the substance abuse issues described on this website.