Documentation of a Disability


Students with a disability who wish to request accommodations at SGU must complete an application for accommodations and provide comprehensive documentation of their disability. These guidelines are consistent with standards of practice outlined by the Association of Higher Education and Disability, the Educational Testing Service, the Americans with Disabilities Act and boards administering the USMLE and NAVLE.

Documentation Guidelines

Determination of whether an individual is substantially limited in functioning as compared to most people is based on an individualized assessment of the current impact of the identified impairment. Supporting documentation is necessary to determine what, if any, accommodations are appropriate for the student in an educational setting. It is essential that supporting documentation provide a clear description of the functional impairment and a rationale for the requested accommodation.

Students requesting accommodations are welcome to share these guidelines with their evaluator, treating professional, and others so that appropriate documentation can be submitted to support the request. Guidelines are specific to the disorder or condition.


Submitting Documentation

Documentation can be submitted in the following ways:

Dean of Students, Attn: Andrea Blair

P.O. Box 7

True Blue Campus

University Centre

St. George's University

Grenada, West Indies

  • Drop it off

Dean of Students, Bourne Center-2nd Floor


Personal disability information is not indicated on academic transcripts and is generally not shared with others without the student's permission. However, there are limited circumstances when information may be shared on a need-to-know basis.