A Beautiful Life

by Andrea Reichert, MSIV


The trees sway
The mountains rumble
These arms yearn to reach the sky

A feather drifts
Morning mist fades
These eyes ache to see the day

The river runs
The leaves flutter
How this blood would like to flow

The wind whispers
The gull glides
If only these lungs could breathe

The sun dazzles
White shells shine
This face yearns to smile

The tides rise and wane
The sea star holds on
These hands wish they could touch

The horse gallops
The wildflowers bend
How these legs would like to move

The hospital towers
The room stands still
If only this body were not a cage




Supplemental Note from the author: "I wrote this piece during the Narrative Medicine course at Lutheran Medical Center in an attempt to find meaning and understanding regarding patients with a palliative diagnosis. I have spoken to patients with serious illnesses over my past year of rotations and asked them about their experiences in to try to gain a different perspective."