Dental Mission

by TBD


Attached is a photo taken during one of my charity trips to developing countries (Guatemala).

'Bedside' can be considered a catch-all term for treating patients anywhere (the actual setting doesn't really matter). This particular cohort of impoverished people was from a school for abandoned / orphaned children in Guatemala City.

Kindly note that part of patient treatment is creating an environment in which a potentially challenging procedure is fun (soul treatment); hence:

  1. Star-shaped protective patient eyewear
  2. A sympathetic smile on the provider's face.





Supplemental Note from the author: "I do like [the ‘Bedside'] project and see value in it. As part of a team that helped develop ACA legislation in 2009, I helped emphasize that preventive care, along with bedside manner are important to patient healing, as were cost-effectiveness and outcome-based reimbursements."