The First Five Months
by Afnan Haq

Once the Caribbean airliner landed
My first thoughts were of being stranded

It was a place without familiarity
Wanted to go back home wearily

Anatomy, Biochem and Histology
Nothing stayed in my head thoroughly

Going to IGA was a chore
But buying milk could not be ignored

Unifieds were 25 questions long
But showed me where I belonged

Days leading up to midterms were spent in Taylor
Sunsets were the delight for this ‘frailer'1

End of midterms was a time to celebrate
Bananas that night was full slate

Grenada started growing on me
I found joy in ice-cream between lectures and studying under a tree

Finals came by soon
That week I never left the room

It was finally time to go home
To rejoice, reset, and come back to learn about genome



  1. Frailer (noun): A person that can't be counted on. Someone who says they're going to do something but don't (the term is used self-deprecatingly in this context).(Source:
  2. ‘Bananas' is a popular night-spot in Grenada.

Author's Note: "My poem is about my first term in Grenada and how that unfamiliar place grew on me. I always thought that term 1 was a very important time in most students lives at SGU. For most of us, this was the first time we had lived in a foreign country without any family or friends. As my time as a medical student at SGU comes to an end, I can't help reflect back on that time and the changes in emotion I experienced."