Review of Systems
by  Snigdha Kanakamedala

I've got eyes
in the back of my head,
but I'm surprised they can even see
through my thick skull

I am all ears and eager
yet I speak in tied-up
and bitten tongues
jaw slack with wonder

There's a chip on my shoulder
it is somewhere just
above where my bleeding heart
is splayed out on my sleeve

I am gut, feelings sunken
and butterflies stomached
only an arm and a leg
because it cost the rest

And I'm off again
on the wrong bullet-riddled foot
maybe because the right one
is still in my mouth

Here I am,
a tangled anatomical mess
here to assess
and as I hover
outside your room
it is time
to pull myself together
the colorful bruises of my ego
my unwieldy limbs
my roiling insides
I am ready

what can I do
for you?