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Page 1

'Code' by Benjamin Cooke, MSIII

Page 2

'Julia' by Ashraf Hanna

Page 3

'Among the Dust Bunnies' by Jared Winston

Page 4

'Names' by Boris Gilyadov

Page 5

'I Think of It' by Rhonda Watkins 

Page 6

'First Assist' by Sarah Renna

Page 7

'A Patient Perspective' by Steven Orkin

Page 8

'Curtains' by Dan Razzano, MSIII

Page 9

'Never Saw It Coming' by Nadeira Mumin

Page 10

'Plateau' by Jennifer Superson

Page 11

'For Theresa' by Jennifer Superson

Page 11

'Unknown' by Julia Munchel

Page 12

'The Gambit' by Shripal Vora

Page 13

'The Unspoken Language' by Tatyana Bakhurets

Page 14