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Editor's Note
Vocation by David Mancini, MSIV
Buried Stories by Megan Reynolds, MSIII
What the Medical Student Likes by Neera Sinha, MSIV
Is Man the Measure of All Things? by Anirudh Rai, MSII
Lipstick Flag by LeighMae Provencher, MSIII
A Smile by Ingmar Prokop, MSIII
Pomegranate by Sarvani Madiraju, MSIV
Time to Let Go by Rachel Randolph, MSIV
Then & Now by Rebecca Katz, MSIII
22 Today by Dustin St. George, MSIV
Prompts by Elijah Verheyen, MSIV
One Question by Tina Nguyen, MSIII
The Leg by Jessica Sidhu, MSIII
Dear Doctor by Daniel Bradke, MSIV
Geriatric by Keyvan Rashidi, MSIV
A Wife's Plea by Sydney Asselstine, MSI
My First Child by Danielle Blood, MSIII
Mercy of the Wind by Kelly Miller, MSIV
The Journey by Joshua White, MSIV
Reflecting Upon Neonates by Ratul Bhattacharyya, MSII
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