Table of Contents


The Granddaughter / Doctor - Shruti Chakravarthy, MSIV
Fear, Doubt & Insecurity - Alexis E. Carrington, MSII
A Beautiful Life - Andrea Reichert, MSIV
AAO x 3 - Arjun Nanda, MSIV
The Infectious World - Ezinwanneamaka Morayo Ejiofor, MSII
Now & Then - Hadijat Audu, MSI
A Day at the Clinic - Jaison John, MSIII
Voices - Garrett Rossi, MSIV
Poems - Andrew Silverman, MSII
The Hospital: A First Rotation - Jaraad Dattadeen, MSIII
The Eye of the Beholder – Palak Shah, MSIV
A Personal Statement - Joshua Francisco Ceñido, MSIV
Red Sky at Night - Bryan Stanley, MSIV
Dementia, In Retrospect - Kwame' J. LeBlanc, MSIII
Prompts - Jordan Ondoy, MSIV
Your Past Life is Over - Edidiong Udoyen, MSI (KBTGSP)


At the Bedside


Baptism by Fire: The Transition to Medical School - Heather Bergdahl, MSII
Dental Mission - TBD
Guidelines for Effective Patient / Physician Interaction - Afreen Papa and Nirja Shah
Health Fairs Establish Trust in Medicine - TBD
The White Coat - Joanna Fabris, MSIII
Secret of Success with Thoughts from SGU Medical Students - Tijana Samardzic