Table of Contents

This is Why - Angela Mujukian
CPR - James Stenard
The Toolbox - Rory Ratzlaf
The Disimpaction - Adriana Fulginiti
Learn on Me - Adib Rushdan, MSIII
Accepting That a Square Peg Fits in a Round Hole - Jason Latsky
Moving Forward - Michael B. Taylor
In the Dead of Night - Jaraad Dattadeen
Gaining Insight Through a Child's Lens - Phoebe Martin-Laplante
Living & Learning in the ICU - Nitasha Sharma
Review of Systems - Snigdha Kanakamedala
A Week in the Life of a Patient - Steven Bishop
This Is Not Grey's Anatomy - Angela Mujukian
The Dance - Benjamin Bernier
Parallel Chart - Andre Savadjian
The Cup - Jason Latsky
The First 5 Months - Afnan Haq
Have a Little Faith - Grace Yu Yi Gu
GSP Newcastle - A World of Difference - Edidiong Udoyen
Do Not Let Your Fire Go Out - Tommy Martin

~ At the Bedside ~

Rumneek Bedi
Heather Bergdahl
Sohit Bethireddy
Ashley Billing -  Everything Is Not As It Seems
Karyssa Bobosky
Ashley Breanne Butler
Michelle Green - A Fraction of a Physician
Saman Karimi: Once Upon a Bedside
Dilesha Kumanayaka: A Day In The Life
James Morrow
Nadia Orr
Nicholas Panting
Afreen Papa
David Patch
Andrew Silverman
Jennifer Torres Yee
Paul Verona
Jennifer Virgile