The Disimpaction
by Adriana Fulginiti

I think of it with wonder now
The discomfort you have been in
Causing such distension of your abdomen
We thought you had cirrhosis

There you sat, so frail
Crying out of agony and frustration
Asking the chief resident
For relief of your grief

The chief's head turned towards me
An anonymous bystander hiding ten feet away
Asked to complete the most despised procedure
To disimpact six days of fibered colon
With a pitched, streaking voice
The most common medical student reflexive reply

Blue gown, mask, and double gloved
To me
The most nauseating
To you
The most alleviating

Once the disimpaction was over
Me, ready for sanitizer
But you, lying back peacefully
Hands on your flattened gut
With a hint of smile
and eyes of relief
You looked back at me
"Thank you. God bless you."
The most desired medical student reaction

And so
I think of it with wonder
How a job despised by most
Can gift someone the joy of living
And peaceful harmony