The Gambit

By Shripal Vora


Don't forget to knock. Wash your hands. Introduce yourself. Act natural. Be confident. Use your brain.

Which patient am I supposed to see after this one again?


She looks thin, frail, hungry, tired, wasting away. What was that word again? Cachexia!

Positive family history. She is crying. Be empathetic. Call it a labile mood I guess.

Let's see… I wonder if it spread anywhere else. She is a pretty poor historian. I'm going to get grilled on rounds.

Thank goodness she's done crying.

That's a nasty cough, better listen to her lungs. She keeps talking, I can't really hear. Ugh.

This is going to take a while.

What is she even talking about? Are those crackles? Shut up.

I think I've got it all, should be a good note. The resident is going to have many more questions.

Only three rooms left. Maybe they'll go faster.


Maybe I can make it a few hours without throwing up, and this wretched cough, my throat hurts.

What was life like before all of this?


He looks so young and full of life like my grandson. What is his name again? Tommy!

Oh mama, I remember when it was you in this bed, life was much simpler then. I miss you.

Ah, all the same questions, these doctors are awfully preoccupied with my bowel movements.

At least I came to visit you, family meant something then.

That stethoscope is cold. Maybe now I should tell him about my trouble sleeping.

This is going to take a while.

He isn't listening to me at all. He is going to forget about me.

I hope he got all he needs, I am tired, can't answer many more questions. I hate hospitals.

They said I have three months left. Maybe they'll go faster.





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