The Journey
by Joshua White, MSIV

Medical education is a long and strenuous road; one with no road map or GPS coordinates. It is a road often traveled but not always fully explored. As we travel down this road, off-ramps are available where we can take a moment to admire the career we embarked on not so long ago. It's easy to pass these moments by and not stop to appreciate them. Each person we meet on a daily basis has something beautiful to offer, be they fellow doctor or critically ill patient. Every encounter presents an opportunity for enrichment whether it is for academic enhancement or emotional development.

Just as a road trip can have numerous stops to see various historical landmarks or attractions, our career provides us with unparalleled opportunities to enhance our lives and the lives of everyone around us. If we fail to stop and revel in these moments that are before us every day, our whole career will have soon passed us by and we will be burned out and jaded against the profession we used to love. Just as siblings can get sick of each other and fight during a cross country car trip, we can sometimes find ourselves fighting within the profession we love. It is important to always remember why we chose medicine but even more important to relish and enjoy the moments we live for as physicians; the moments that make this life well worth the journey.