Time to Let Go
By Rachel Randolph, MSIV


"Whatever can be done to keep her alive"
These words set our goals to which we must strive
"The patient is in a great deal of pain, Ms. X
I'm not quite sure what we can do for her next"
"I understand doctor, but please try, this patient is my mother,
Whatever medicine you gave, please give her another!"
"It's not that simple Ms. X, it is quite possible that more medication may kill her!"
"Figure it out, doctor, I'm not asking for a cure,
All I ask is for more time"
"Ms. X, how much? And on whose dime?
Your mother wishes to die a peaceful death,
Not like something out of a scene of Macbeth!
While I respect your wishes, this is your mother's decision, only she will know
So, celebrate her life, as it's time to let go."