by David Mancini, MSIV


Mind, body, and spirit,
essential elements of a person,
of the human condition.

Duty-bound are we – physician, expert, healer – to mend
indiscriminately, without reservation or hesitation.
Carefully navigating the boundaries of ethics and the limitations of our skill,
investing completely, faithfully, in each and every patient.
Never faulting, scrutinizing
every decision for the good of the afflicted, of the ill.

Humbled are we – doctor, healer, curer – by those that surprise us,
upending the conventions we know and practice.
Medicine goes beyond tests, statistics, images, algorithms.
At its core, medicine is care; care for the essential elements of a being
none garnering more importance than another.

In and through our vocation – this calling, our pursuits,
steadfast we must remain to treating that which makes us all human:
Mind, body and spirit.