What the Medical Student Likes
by Neera Sinha, MSIV (in the Style of Cortney Davis)

I like starting work no earlier than 8 am.
I like when my lunch hour runs over an hour.
I like Labor Day, Presidents' Day, Martin Luther King Day, any three-day weekend, I like.
I like that when there are only five patients for our team to round on, breakfast time comes earlier!
I like when I find a seat at the computers so I can write my notes without having to shift from foot to foot.
I like when lectures end early and I can skip off home, leaving the hospital as a memory for the day.

I love knowing the answer when the surgeon pimps me with a question.
I love when the diagnosis I've made is correct!
I love when the resident asks me to run a clinical errand; "They trust my judgement!" I think to myself.
I love hearing the resident say, "Good Job!"
I love that it is the nurses who direct me when I am lost, running the corridors of the hospital, sweating

and nervous, trying to find what the resident needs.
I love that patients make eye contact with me, and I follow their eyes down to the length of my coat,
and I can see them wonder why my white coat is shorter. "Is she a doctor?"
I love that the patients trust me and respect me as though I am a doctor.
I love walking into the room and the patient smiles, so happy to see me.

Me, the medical student, a happy, pleasant medium between patient and doctor.
Me, the medical student, the short-white-coat hospital drifter.