Editor's Note

This issue of SGU Gold contains a diverse collection of writings from SGU students at all stages of their medical school education. Their work is passionate and heartfelt, crossing a spectrum of emotions and perspectives.  The opening selection, ‘This is Why' by Angela Mujukian, is an anthemic declaration of empowerment. Jason Latsky's ‘Square Peg in a Round Hole' selection explores the exasperating misconceptions many people have about fundamental medical truths. Steven Bishop's ‘Week in the Life of a Patient' strikes to the very heart of narrative medicine by bearing witness to the uplifting power and meaning in truly connecting with a patient and the heartbreaking limitations of how patients are treated within the ‘system' of a hospital. Afnan Haq's poem, ‘The First Five Months' is a playful exploration of the beginning of medical school, while Tommy Martin passionately implores his fellow students to keep their eyes on the prize despite the rigors of their medical school journey in ‘Do Not Let Your Fire Go Out.'

The ‘At the Bedside' section, composed exclusively by basic sciences-level students, returns with an even broader selection of writings by students at the very start of their quests to become physicians.

Together, these thoughts and feelings create a mosaic of thoughts, hopes, and emotions that simply cannot be ignored. Indeed, it is a privilege to be given a glimpse of their lives.

Best for the New Year!

Steven B. Orkin
Editor, SGU Gold