Loaner Network Computer Policy

Loaner Agreement PDF Forms:




General Policy


The Office of Information Technology maintains a small pool of loaner notebook computers. These computers are intended for short-term use only. Visiting professors or administrators will be allowed the use of the computer for the duration of their stay in Grenada for a maximum of three weeks, whereas local faculty members are permitted to check out these computers for up to 1 week, while waiting for repairs to their own computers. This is based upon availability. These computers are not available to temporarily fulfill permanent computer purchase orders.

Eligible Borrowers:

All part time or full time, local or visiting, administrators, visiting professors, faculty and academic support staff on SGU business are eligible to borrow from the notebook computer loaner pool.
Eligible Uses: These computers will be available during regular school semesters and only for those engaged in normal academic activities. They may also be used by eligible borrowers while attending either local or remote conferences and/or workshops. These computers must not be transported to other countries or between University locations without prior written permission from the Provost's Office.

Loaner Procedures:

Assuming that one of these computers is available, you will need to present your SGU faculty or visitor ID card to the Office of Information Technology Help Desk staff, sign and submit this form. In addition, faculty members will also need to have it signed by the Provost. All borrowers must also have it signed by their department/section head.

Loan Period:

Notebook computers are available on a weekly basis. Due to the limited number of available computers, faculty and visitors are encouraged to return them as soon as possible. However, under no circumstances will the Office of Information Technology provide loaner equipment for longer than the period stipulated in the "Purpose" section above.


Borrowers must return such computers by the specified due date so as not to keep other users waiting. Anyone who does not do so within the agreed upon time, will have their network account and access to support suspended until the computer and all associated items have been returned. Borrowers accept full financial responsibility if the computer and/or any associated items are missing or damaged upon their return.

Usage Policies:

A borrower must not:

  • Install any software or use software not provided by IT. Please consult with IT staff if you require special software.
  • Use licensed software in a manner inconsistent with the licensing agreement.
  • Copy, rename, alter, examine, or delete any files or programs on the computer.
  • Use the computer for inappropriate purposes, including, but not limited to, sending offensive messages, setting up an "ad hoc" wireless network anywhere on campus, using peer-to-peer file sharing or engaging in commercial activities of any kind.
  • Create, disseminate, or run a self-replicating program ("virus"), whether destructive in nature or not.
  • Use the computer for non-university work, such as for private business, or clubs/organizations not sanctioned by SGU.
  • Tamper with switch settings, or move, remove, reconfigure or do anything that could interfere with workstations, printers or other equipment.

Loss, Theft, or Damage:

Individual borrowers are responsible for the cost of repairing or replacing the computer damaged, lost or stolen during the loan period. Each borrower must sign this form indicating consent to this arrangement and guarantee before receiving a laptop on loan.

Do not leave the computer (or other valuables) unattended, even for a few moments. Theft of computers and accessories do occur!

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