Wireless Internet Policy

Only by controlling certain radio frequencies can the university ensure an acceptable level of network service and data security.  The University reserves the right to regulate the specific radio frequencies that wireless needs to operate.

Airspace Policy

The following information specifies the University's radio spectrum policy.

To ensure a properly working and universally accessible wireless network, the University prohibits the use of equipment that interferes with wireless transmissions. You can not operate base station hardware or software, wireless access points, or other similar equipment in, on, or near university-owned property, including classrooms, laboratories, offices, dorm rooms, and any other university-managed buildings.

Other equipment that operates in the wireless radio spectrum—including all Bluetooth devices, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac devices, cordless phones, and microwave ovens may also cause problems with univerity wireless. Upon notification from the Office of Information Technology, any device causing such interference must be turned off. The university assumes no responsibility to compensate for any direct or incidental costs related to turning off the interfering equipment.

Requesting Exceptions to this Policy

Specific temporary exceptions to this policy may be granted by the Office of Information Technology to address needs that are not immediately provided by the university wireless network or for other reasons deemed appropriate or necessary by this office.

Requests for temporary exceptions to this policy must be submitted in writing, using the University ticketing system including the following information:

  • Which equipment is to be operated;
  • Its location;
  • The reason for its use;
  • The time period for which the exception is requested.

The Office of Information Technology will make all decisions on exceptions to the policy.